Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Jelly Fish in the sky

Once in a while you see nature in all its magnificance, which makes you stop and observe normal commonplace things with awe and amazement. The other night there was this wonderful ring in the sky around the moon and it looked so beautiful. To me it looked like a jelly fish spreading out its tentacles in the sky. I was anxiosuly waiting for the diaphanous structure to start puslating and swim across the sky. Such an amazing sight !!

Friday, September 02, 2005

Night view someone ??

The military objectives of the US Air Force Defense Meteorological Satellite Program have created an aesthetic byproduct — a composite photo of the planet, taken during nighttime hours. More than 99% of these representations of actual light sources are indications of human activity on the planet. For example, this image includes more than a million man-made fires, most of them in the Third World, chiefly propagated for agricultural purposes. Population centers are easily identified; however, the amount of light represented here is not necessarily proportional to the population size. Imbalances arise due to unequal electrical consumption. Japanese consume 15 times as much electricity as Chinese per capita, and Americans consume 21/2 times more than Japanese do.