Tuesday, May 24, 2005


something i painted a while back...

Monday, May 23, 2005

Dilli Callin

I think I should stop apologizing for being such a jerk at posting...

So last tuesday my HR tells me I need to attend my visa interview on Tuesday. *dumb stare* What happened to my not getting the date till sometime in august, I was so overjoyed that I won't be leaving anytime soon. Anyways then began the frantic search for documents I didnt even know existed. My tax form, certificates, yada yada yada. I am really bad at paper work and being stuck with it while half my mind is coaxing me to get back to work lest my manager hangs me for missing the deadline, is definitely not my idea of fun.

So I headed out to hamari dilli. [Sidenote: just realised, the blogger shortcuts do not work in safari ;-(] Somehow I just love the city much to the chagrin of everyone I know. Well the city seems really uninviting when you step onto the station/airport/bus-stand with the auto-wallahs ready to shread you to bits, well at least ur wallets. The worst part of the city is the people, they seem so cold, it even shows on their faces. Their eyes sewing hatred, heat, disgust that become one with the formidable temeperature. But you must probe deeper to find out the real Delhites. Most of the ones I know are genuinly nice people. Its just that the mad rush of the city has left them little time to deal with other peoples' idiosyncracies.

Anyways apart from that the city is bliss. The roads are amaaaaaaazing... You can zip across them, a pleasure that I seem to miss in Bangalore. I am so in love with the Delhi roads. The infrastructure rulez anyday. There are infinitely many places to hang around and note most of them are not swarming with people like Forum or M.G.Road. The weather is at its extremes but 4 years at Kanpur and another in Delhi has made me immune to the changes. Well I like Bangalore weather, but I wouldn't mind Delhi weather too ;-) There is so much to explore in the city. Every weekend I was there I came across a new place, that had its own hues and philosophy... You can spend days going through the streets of old Delhi and discovering what its bowels holds. Time unfolds every moment revealing a new story waiting to be explored. Bookstores !!! Any bookstore in CP has a better connection that most bookstores here. Well I kind of like Blossoms, and they generally have a great collection, but not as good as Bookworms...

Well the city is not safe... for girls. I am not one :D

This post makes me sound like a Bangalore hater, but I really am not. I feel in love with the city the first time I came here in 7th standard, and that generally dosent happen. The only other city would be Copenhagen. The city was so green, no crowd at all, way too cool :) But sadly it has not grown with the times. Roads are chock-a-block filled with cars, bikes fuming away. Ugly building have replaces the trees and the lakes that made this city a heaven to live in. Sadly all that is gone. All that remains is traffic, congestion, inflated prices and software engineers...

Coming back to Delhi, take a ride on the DND flyway around evening from NOIDA to Delhi. You will get this view of the Humayun's tomb in the distance, the sun setting in the background, the sky a tint of orange, the blue minaret of the tomb in a sharp contrast to it. Ethereal, something out from one of Coolridge's poems. Welcome to the City of Djinns.

And, would it not be wrong to forget the Delhi gals :-))

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Sarnoff... not smirnoff ;) hic...

There is this guy who is visiting us from the Princeton office. He is supposed to have worked on the first ever 4-bit micro-processor at Rockwell. He told us they thought it was just some another circuit when they developed it the first time. They never imagined it would reach the heights it has reached now... WOAH !!! Thats what I call cool technology :D

I got to know some really cool things from him about my company that even I didn't know abt.

When the WWI broke out, the axis forces has access to the radio, much thanks to Marconi, which meant they could easy transmit information. A VERY BIG advantage in war if you can make communication at the speed of sound... :) The US desperately wanted this technology. So they started the Radio Corporation of America under David Sarnoff. But once the war was over it was not leagal to have a publically funded company, so it became a private company. And their first product was apple syrup that they made from the tree in their back yard :)) David Sarnoff invented the idea of broadcasting (YEAH !!!) and brought radio into people home. People at that time lauded the idea saying who would like to listen to the orchestra in Europe sitting at him home in the US :-? Well times tells us that they very much liked the idea...

For me this stands out like the single most important contribution that RCA made to the world. Imagine the world that didn't belive in sharing knowledge, no radio, no television, no net !!!

Then they did the same with TV. They added sound to movies, Color Television, HDTV... the list continues. Ever heard of the RCA jack ?? Wait till my thing comes out ;) LOL !!!

It feels nice to be part of such a company that has such an old and illustrious history. Wanna join us?

Friday, May 13, 2005


Just the thing I was thinking of writing. Very similar to the MindManager tool that I use, tho this is web based, so much better :D

Thursday, May 12, 2005

मैने आहुति बनकर देखा है

मैं कब कहता हूँ जग मेरी दुर्धर गति के अनुकूल बने ,
मैं कब कहता हूँ जीवन मेरी नंदन कानन का फूल बने ?
कांटा कठोर है, तीखा है, उसमे उसकी मर्यादा है ,
मैं कब कहता हूँ वह घचकर प्रांतर का ओछा फूल बने ?
मैं कब कहता हूँ मुझे युद्ध में कहीं न तीखी चोट मिले ?
मैं कब कहता हूँ प्यार करूँ तो प्राप्ति की ओट मिले ?
मैं कब कहता हूँ विजय करूँ मेरा ऊँचा प्रासाद बने ?
या पात्र जगत की श्रद्धा की धुंधली सी याद बने ?
पथ मेरा रहे प्रशस्त सदा क्यूँ विकल करे यह चाह मुझे ?
नेत्रित्व न मेरी छिन जावे क्यूँ इसकी है परवाह मुझे ?
मैं प्रस्तुत हूँ चाहे मिट्टी जनपद का धूल बने
फिर उसी धूली का कण कण भी मेरा गति रोधक शूल बने !
अपने जीवन का रस देकर जिसको यत्नों से पाला है
क्या वह केवल अस्वाद मलिन झरते आँसू की माला है ?
वे रोगी होंगे प्रेम जिन्हें अनुभव रस का कटु प्याला है
वे मुर्दे होंगे प्रेम जिन्हें सम्मोहन कारी हाला है
मैंने आहुति बन कर देखा यह प्रेम यग्य की ज्वाला है !
मैं कहता हूं मैं बढ़ता हूं, मैं नभ की चोटी चढ़ता हूँ
कुचला जाकर भी धूली सा आंधी और उमड़ता हूं
मेरा जीवन ललकार बने, असफलता ही असि धार बने
इस निर्मम रण में पग पग का रुकना ही वार बने !
भव सारा तुझको है स्वाहा सब कुछ तप कर अंगार बने
तेरी पुकार सा दुर्निवार मेरा यह नीरव प्यार बने


My 2nd most favourite poem. Thanks sups

Tuesday, May 10, 2005


I have been sooooooooooo busy with work off late that I couldn't spare time to post anything. I can take out sometime now becoz I am waiting for the experiment to get over. Argggggggggghh...

Neways some interesting conversation I have been having with my friends of late

Frnd 1: You have this facade around yourself, wherein nuthing ever happen. How can you be OK all the time??? How come you never break down??? It ok for people to break down... Something is majorly wrong with ya... X-(

Frnd 2: Its really nice when you tell me something (which you normally don't). You are always so guarded abt yourself...

Hmmmmm these words came back to my mind whike I was coming back from Chennai. Well I think they are mostly right. I hardly talk about myself, even with my closest of friends. Anywaya thats not the reason for this post.

I just wanted to THANK YOU for being such wonderful and caring friends :D
(I hope you dopeheads read this :p )

I would rather have thanked them personally, but both of the are not around right now. And I really dread their response. Most probably they would be in a state of shock for some 5 mins and then they would arise from their stupor and give me weird looks *read grin from ear to ear as if they have met the craziest person on earth* and jeer at me for the rest of my life...

Yeah A, I can see you grinning right now :p

Ok experiment over. Need to get back to work...

Thursday, May 05, 2005

Shot on the bank of Benaras