Friday, April 28, 2006

One Lazy Evening

Reminds me of the evenings I used to spend at my Grandma's place during the summer vacation. Picked up from ddoi.

Friday, April 21, 2006

LFS Ahoy !!

ROFL !!! Something I shamelessly plagerized from the LFS Orkut community

Disclaimer : These are comments from our school teachers, just in jest :) We mean no harm, just plain fun. Thanks for being such an integral part of our lives. LOVE you all :D
Sister Helena happened to be our principal and was torment by kids from the kindergarten to the 12th standard. Well actually we lived in dread of her till the 10th std, and then things changed some :)

"I will shake ur ears until ur teeths fall off (While poor Swaminathan couldnt control his giggle ;))"

"There are a number of students waiting outside to get a seat in LFS"

Mrs Lisi Mathews was the bestest teacher we ever had. She always stood by her class even though they were thrown out at the end of 12th std and were not allowed to answer their Pre ISC. Well I guess they didnt have any problems with that ;). And this wasnt MY class, we were the best behaved batch ever :p

This was after the whole class did pathetically bad in our half yearly exams -" R u people Coakraoches, dont u have any brain .. if u do then make the brain cells work"
Ms Scolt, dunno much abt her except she was Mr. Scolts wife, the best maths teacher you could ever expect

"You r acting as if Butter wont melt in your mouth "
Mrs Chakraborty, lets say we had a love hate relationship :D

" Pouring water on a ducks back"

".... you still have'nt seen the worst of me" I can never forget Monish's comment on that one !!!!!!!!!

Mr. Munro, out PT teacher. I got on pretty well with him,nice guy :)

After plucking a twig from the tree during the PT class.... "I will leave you out in the sun to die like rats"
Mrs. Moss, she actually made Shakespeare interesting to read. Go figure :)

"Refined people" her class seemed to be a refinery...
Mrs Suzan Mathews - one of the strictest teachers in school, she happened to be my first class teacher at LFS and I became her pet after sometime so chill :D

"The 1 thing you all can do well is warm the chair and hatch eggs'" (std dialog)

Normally this was said to someone sitting in the front bench "Go and bring me d-merit slip book from mrs samuel" We would all hope that person never came back :)

"I do not mind if u curse me , the more you curse the longer is my life , I am happy with that"

"Get out of my class...."

"Where r u ? I want to see ur face,stand there right in d middle" Once she made 90% of the class stand outside with books on their heads, Was quite a sight :))
Mrs sahay, she happend to be my sisters Godmother in school(hindi miss)

"shaant ho jao dhayan dooooooooooooooooooooo..."
Mrs Gogna

"Agar tum ladko ne aur halla kiya, to pant kholke class ke bahar khada kar diya jayega. Kal 4A ke ladko ko pant kholkar ghar bheja gaya tha" :O
Miss Rana, was my hindi teacher in the 6th std. And once she pointed me and Sharon out to the class saying we are the epitome of decency and everyone in the class went "OH YA" :))

This happened wen payal panda was caught passing her note bbook to someone in class by ms. rana..n then started the lecture "aaj tum notebook pass kar rahi ho..kal chit pass yahan jhadi ke peeche milo"

Ms Bhuyan, the sweetest ever computer teacher.

U button button eyes.. I will trow u out of the window.

i was lookin outside the window as usual....n then i hear a loud scream whose decibels reachin 2 that of the supersonic level..mrs bhuyan was shoutin at quote her without her consent."oyeeeee sauthya(this is how she called my name) WAT U LOOKIN OUTSIDE THE WINDOW 4....UR PRINCESS IS SITTING INSIDE THAT AUTO.."...n then she makes a sad face on the board .."now look at this..stupidddd one

she asked sarthak "ayeee sarthuak ..i will give u programs 2 write n rasagullas 2 eat wat will u do.."we dodn't know why on earth she gave such wierd option 2 him..neways i know that motu must b thinkin of havin rasagullas..lmao

Mrs. Munro was the first teacher I came to know in school. Extremely nice person :)

One favourite one liner n' this used to come when some girl would burst into laughter..she used to say "girls should be seen and not heard" Hmmm yeah DEFINITELY :D

Kripal Singh, was an ardent reader and had information about anythign under the sun.

Geography classes in 10th were amazing....we had to carry those maps D/7 and D/ if we were on some "survive the jungle-camp-trainig-program" ......and during classes wen ppl wud really start the chitter pitter .....he wud say " YOU LEAKING GUTTER PIPES" :-))

"Some people don't know that they don't know, that they know" ... still confuses..

Std everyday question "Can anyone tell me which is the coldest place in the world??" Verkhoyansk in Siberia -43C
Common by all "I dont want to hear -gud gud gud...morning morning morning...miss miss miss give me 1 solid "gud mornin miss"

Hooligans, Hooligans, Hooligans...

That we were =))

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Bangalore Burns

The last week saw mahyem errupt in Bangalore. The city was torn by riots and incidents of violence. Lots of public vehicles were gutted, most of the offices and shops remained closed and the city almost came to a standstill...

Dr. Rajkumar, one of the forerunners of the Kannada film industry passed away on Wednesday afternoon. Till this day I haven't witnessed such mass commotion break out due to death of someone. I do not wish to belittle the sentiment of the people of Karnataka and Dr. Rajkumar's stature but I fail to understand how could someone command so much passion amongst the masses. Like the autowalla that drove me home that evening said "Woh Karnataka ka Raja tha. Koi politician bhi maare to itna riks nahi hota. Ab to sab kuch band ho jayega." If people has taken out processions showing their grief that would have made a whole lot of sense. I do not think any civilized society can warrent such a rowdy behavior the intensity of emotions not withstanding.

What Bangalore witnessed last week was not public outpouring for their deceased hiriyaNNa (elder brother), neither was it an outpouring against the outsiders, the IT industry, the North Indians, the Tamils. It was a very lucid attempt and albeit a very successful one at causing mass hysteria and holding the entire city at ransom. Acts of violence like riots are never committed because people FEEL too religiously/emotionally about a matter, thats just the facade, the underlying reason IS always a chance to loot people without any consequences. It gives people (read hooligans) a chance to have the wildest wet dream possible, breaking building, robbing shops, settling scores...

There have been a couple of posts about this incident on the blogsphere, some very enlightening other that try to make a whole deal about how people are not happy with the IT industry etc. But I earnestly believe there is no justification behind this commotion except the one that is very basic to human nature, humans by nature are prone to loot and plunder. These riots give them a window to do this in today's so called civilized society. One can always weave a multitude of reasons on top of this but then again they are fit to burn in the same fire that incinerates the city.

Some interesting reads you can follow:

I also think this outsider v/s us debate has gone on too long and is pure balony. Most of the people from outside would love to go back home. There is nothing left in Bangalore that would make someone linger on. Bangalore does not deserve the cosmopolitan tag that it so loves to flaunt. It not the infrastructure that makes a city cosmopolitant but the attitude of people that inhabit it, and sadly Bangaloreans/Kannadigas have not been too welcoming to the outside world.

Would I have expected something like this to happen in Bangalore? NEVER... The city is dead, long live the city.

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Primere Book Stall


Space for Primere Book Stall, the "bestest" bookstore in Bangalore.
Contact Mr Shanbhag
Ph: 080-25091220
Address: Church Street, behind the Night Watchman

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Bangalore and the House Hunt

"Accept certain inalienable truths: Prices will rise. Politicians will philander. You, too, will get old. And when you do, you'll fantasize that when you were young, prices were reasonable, politicians were noble and children respected their elders.

Respect your elders."

The sunscreen song is what comes to mind when you look at Bangalore, a place that has gone so beyond me that I do not even wish to catch up. Bangalore, the only Indian city I fell in love with when I saw it for the first time. Bangaloreans, one of the most happy go lucky lot you would find anywhere. All of it suddenly transmorgifed into something that is so alien. The tree lined roades replaced by the choking smoke of the unmoving traffic. Lido replaced by INOX. And now they are closing down Premier Book store :o I went down and talked to Mr. Shanbhag the otherday and asked him if I could do something to help. He wants some place to set up his shop :-( Sadly thats something that I can definitely not help him with. But if you do know someone please call him at 080-25091220. I need to move out of Bangalore soon. My reason to stay here diminish as days go by, a city that broke my heart like no other (well not exactly but it sounds better that way :p).

Anyways on a good note after looking at 40-50 different houses I finally found a place to stay in Bangalore. So my address changes yet again ;-) And with a stroke of good luck I found two that were in the same lane. Its exactly what I had in mind, open spaces, not too much traffic and all the jazz. Now one of these apartments was on the second floor and the other on the ground floor. I would anyday choose a place thats as high up as possible so I had made up my mind about the one on the second floor. But my sis wanted the one on the ground floor because it had a garden!! Well anyways I was contemplating which house to choose... And out of no where this amazingly beautiful girl comes out and says 'Hi, I guess we would be neighbours pretty soon'. For a moment I went speechless trying to figure out what to say, then we chit chatted for a while.

"Where are you from?"
"Where do you work?"
"Ah I stay here with my husband"
"You should come over to our place when you move in"
Yada yada yada...

And all the while I kept looking at her pleasant face trying to catch everything she was saying. She had such a rich husky voice (Anshuman husky is not raunchy :p). I so have a crush on this lady :-) Not since my 9-10 std. do I remember having a crush on anyone. I have been in a couple of relationships since then but I guess the chemistry is extremely different.

Well I decided to take the house with the garden so I won't be her neighbour, but hey I can always call her over for dinner and alas her husband too *sighs*

PS: Rach, I am not giving you my(her?) address. I can handle competition from guys, not from the fairer sex :p