Monday, January 30, 2006

Your Birthdate: June 5

You have many talents, and you are great at sharing those talents with others.
Most people would be jealous of your clever intellect, but you're just too likeable to elicit jealousy.
Progressive and original, you're usually thinking up cutting edge ideas.
Quick witted and fast thinking, you have difficulty finding new challenges.

Your strength: Your superhuman brainpower

Your weakness: Your susceptibility to boredom

Your power color: Tangerine

Your power symbol: Ace

Your power month: May

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

To the lighthouse

The lighthouse at Long Island beach

And where am I?? High up in a plane trying to keep the camera (not this one) stable and get some jerky videos of the lighthouse :D

I am working on this project where we needed some aerial data, so a coworker was great enough to take us to the airport and ask us to hop on his plane. Off we went shooting, all over Princeton, Route 1 and couple of places around that are classified ;)

It was so much fun being up in the air. And believe me being in one of these small planes is a far better experience than sitting crouched in the Boeing 777. For the first time I was really able to make out the curvature of the earth, I could look in all directions.

And John, our pilot kept doing all these manouvers, much to our pleasure. And none of us were airsick so it was a real swell. I was able to capture the famous bridge at Trenton that says "New Jearsy makes and the world takes" We approached Philidelphia, not all the way though. It was like one of those action movies when you can see the sky hugging buildings rising in a distace, growing at amazing speed.

There are so many pics that I would love to share, but a couple of them wouldn't do too great on the net *wicked grin* Would post some soon that are mild and neutral :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

GMAT Essays

Since I have been advising people on how to write their B-school essays, I think its high time I earned some money to do that ;)

So here it is, in true DD fashion:

"Hear ye, Hear ye !!!

Don't have time to write your essays??
Don't know what to write? How to write??
Do you know someone who is tearing his head tring to complete his application packages??

You need someone who can take the burden off your shoulder and provide the much needed shoulder to push you cart around.

Mail the super wiz at vibhanshu AT gmail DOT com.
Complete satisfaction guaranteed !!!"

LOL !!! Well though I am pretty serious about it. The deal is INR 10,000 or US$ 300 for a set of essays for ONE college. You can pay me if you like the essays. But I chose who I wish to write for AND you would need to work in tandem with me if you want your essays written :D

All work will be issued under Creative Commons. So that means if you get a high paying job at the end of it you need to send me some grub. Well just kidding. But some cookies wont hurt anyone ;)

I hope my dear blog readers will spread my fame FAR and WIDE :D

Sunday, January 08, 2006


Well first things first - Adobe labs should have been /Labs rather than <labs>

The site redirects to if you click on any of the link. Its nice to see that Adobe is continuing the Macromedia tradition but it would have been neat if they exposed some of their technology to the world. I hope they plan to do that sometime in the future.

Adobe is the ONLY company that understands digital media in all its entirety, with product lines ranging from the creation to distribution. Some things that I think could become opensource or public knowledge - PS Level 2, the Vector Graphics project that the marketing shelved due to competition to the earstwhile MACR, libraries for processing images, videos. API's to build cool plugins on top of the Acrobat framework.

I think Adobe is in a great position because it has a great fan following and some of the users are actually people who can write "good" code. Exposing APIs would be a great step for Adobe to bring the hacking talent of these people to good use which can help enhance the product to a much greater extent than its current team of engineers can do.

Lets see how the future of Adobe unfolds...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Another year, lets start all over...

Let this be a time to build bridges that were broken down,
Countries that were torn down,

A time to wipe away our blemishes,
To revisit promies that were never kept.

Put an end to the ever growing strife,
Of endless greed and pride.

So that the sun,
May someday, rise