Friday, June 23, 2006

Life: A users manual

Some pages from it actually. I haven't updated in quite sometim. To say my hands were full would be an understatment. There has been such a whirldwind of activity that I didn't even get time to sit back and ponder. Some updates on the life of yours truly
- Joined a new place to work. Thankfully before they kicked me out of Sarnoff ;) Heh. I'll be working at Fair Isaac for the next few years and see how life takes its course from there.
- Solved a 1100 piece jigsaw puzzle with a friend of mine. Estimated time 10hrs.
- Have been decorating my place, since I plan to stick around for some time in Bangalore. Theme oscillates between Austere to Minimalistic.
- Have a lot of work to do and lots more to learn so I wasn't really getting time off to mail/blog.
- Started working on a book with A. Lets see how far it goes :D
- Finished reading a couple of books, The Piano Teacher, Moral Animals, The Old Man and his God and a book on photography.

Work has been extremly good thus far, lots of interesting problems and as usual I cant write about my work :'-( But at least I am happy I wouldn't be writing s/w for killing innocent Iraqis.

There have been some other things that are really important and I am way too happy they way things turned out, but this does not seem the right place to post about such an incident :-)

Need to get back to work now. More later....