Monday, March 13, 2006

Images from back home

I went home after a long time, tried to capture some pics that took my fancy. The resolution is horribly poor because my cell-phone camera is totally screwed up but I kind of liked the eerie affect it gives to all images.

Man on a cycle, life passing by

A flock of birds flying over my house in Jamshedpur. Something that I was so fond of earlier and never realized it went out of my life without me even noticing it.

Taxis awaiting their turn on Howrah railway station.

A rikshaw puller resting after a tiring day. They STILL have hand pulled rikshawas in Calcutta. So INHUMANE !!

It was a rushed trip home. Could not get to meet my friends, a very handful of who are still there in Jampot. Had a nice chat with Parnil, she is joining HLL this June. Was missing Soma aka "Chomraj". But all in all a good journey home :D

PS: My MOTO RAZR works like a charm with my Powerbook :D My earlier Nokia 6600 was totally diagreeable... And balls to Nokia UI, this phone has a much better and well thought of interface.


Anonymous said...

Sir-jee, apna koi contact # do dijiye. Arsaa ho gaya aapse baat hue.


poppy said...

Lovely pics.

At least you get to go home.


I miss mera Bharat :-(

Tess said...

ooohh... ooohh... Love that pic of the birds. Incidentally I never missed a sight like that when I was in Jam. He he.
I miss home.. Sigh :(

Vibhanshu Abhishek 3.1 said...

Veneet: Where are you these days? Still at IITB or have u moved on somewhere else?

Misty: Thanks. And I went home after 1.5 years when my mom totally freaked out. So much for going home :p

Tess: Yeah they always make a pretty sight :)

Abhi said...

Yaar you went through Kolkata . Batana to Tha. I am presently in Cal.Could have met up.