Thursday, March 17, 2005


There are something that people who inteact with me should be aware of:

1. I shall bite you if I dont like you. If I already know you and I am friendly with you this will not happen, but if you are someone new you might reconsider. READ: STAY AWAY !!

2. I love living in my own imagination. This makes people around me very uncomfortable. Well I have the ability to translate my thinking into reality. Reality is what I think and what I can do for me. The "Real World" is far too fictitious and pretentious for me. If you feel otherwise keep you views to your self.

3. I am VERY open-minded to criticsm. In fact I revel in the cynicism of people. BUT the ones offering advice should be open to a dose of their own medicine. If you wish to discuss I am game, but I do not believe in sermons.

4. I hate hypocracy. Being confused is OK, not being a hypocrite.

5. I dont adhere to any rules and norms except of my own. And I NEVER EVER break any of mine.

6. I do not compromise !!

7. I may sound like a masochist but I really luv my life , but I live it my way.

8. DO NOT INTRUDE in my life. If I want to tell you I would without your coaxing. But if I do not wish to please do not bug me.

9. I do not like people touching me.

I hope I shall share a wonderful relation with you :D

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