Thursday, March 17, 2005

White Noise

Well made movie. And it has the ravishing Keol Puri. Couldn't place her when I saw her the first time. Then it came in an instant. "Everybody says I am fine" She is the lead actress in that movie.

The story is about the Gauri who is writer and has a relation with a married man. The story starts with the lover's wife coming over to Gauri's place and announcing that there would be no relation between her and her lover.

The story unfolds to reveal the character of Gauri, the way she is has wrapped herself in her own world, becoz of her past and of her present betrayal. It looks as if she has woven a cucoon around herself and would not let anyone close to her.

Gauri then goes and joins Pavitra Aarti, one of those Kyoni like serial. There she meets Rahul Bose (Karan) who is a film editor who helps her unfold and come to terms with herself. One movie I was really able to relate to. Quite unlike black (hope sheets is not reading this :-? )

I really liked the end. One the banks of Ganges in Rishikesh.

Every happiness has a life...

Ah Gauri ;-)

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